Now Space Origami needs your support to successfully bring our experiment to the International Space Station!

If our funding threshold is reached, we will book a flight for our experiment to the ISS to be installed in the TangoLabs platform. We need synthetic DNA strands and chemicals for our three-stage experimental setup, the preceding test series, the crystallization approaches in space and the parallel control approaches on Earth. Your support also enables us to build the Science Box with the necessary hardware to automatically start and operate the experiment with three different DNA origami structures.

But how?
Choose the form of support that suits you best! Below you will find a list of different support-forms that we thought of. There are 10 creative support forms, but if you have individual prospects, feel free to contact us!
25 €
  • The Space Origami team will send you a postcard from the Kennedy Space Center
75 €
2xMission Patch
  • Two beautifully stiched mission patches of our logo (10 cm diameter).
50 €
Paper Origami
  • We'll send you a beautiful paper with instructions to fold a space-themed origami structure.
125 €
  • Choose from our Space Origami collection: hoody, T-shirt or cap.
500 €
Space Origami Set
  • Space Origami set featuring a T-Shirt, hoodie, postcard, a mission patch and a paper origami instruction.