Space Origami's Project Lead


Project Lead
Dr. Thomas Gerling is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the chair of Biomolecular Design at the TUM, working with DNA origami for 10 years now, leading the Space Origami Team with his expertise.

Space Origami's Student Team

Three fields of study, three nationalities and one mission for which we give everything together. Together and with your support, we can carry out this exciting project successfully.


Team leader
Since her bachelor thesis in this field Karoline has been fascinated by DNA Origami and the possibilities of this nanotechnology. For over a year now she has been working with different DNA Origami structures at the Chair of Biomolecular Design. As a biochemist with extensive experience in the field of DNA Origami technology, she is responsible for the selection and preparation of the DNA Origami structures to be sent to the ISS as crystallization approaches, as team leader for the coordination, planning and management of the Space Origami Mission.


Experiment management
Marija was born in Riga to a family of scientists and early on developed an interest in chemistry and meeting new challenges. For the graduate studies Marija moved to Munich and will soon have her masters degree in Chemistry from the TUM. With her specific qualifications in the field of chemistry and crystallization, Marija will plan the experiments and make it possible to put Mission Space Origami into practice.


System Engineer
Since 2016, Joram has been studying Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich for a Masters degree. Always interested in aerospace, Joram worked for the turbine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines and for the Institute of Astronautics at the Technical University of Munich and was able to acquire all necessary skills to develop the overall system. Being Space Origami’ s engineer, Joram is responsible for developing the box that is to become the home of the DNA crystals.

Space Origami#s Mentors


Mentor Crystallization
Research associate at the chair of Biomolecular Design (TUM). She’s worked on crystallization of DNA origami amongst other things for many years and supports the team with her expertise and her experience.


Mentor Experimental Setup
Post doctoral researcher at the EPFL, before that research associate at the chair of Biomolecular Design (TUM). He supports the team as a physicist in the implementation of the experiment within the given framework on the ISS.

Space Origami's Project Partners

Professor Dr. Hendrik Dietz, Professor of Biomolecular Nano-Technology at TUM, provides us with his laboratory for experiments and his doctoral students provide us with advice and their specialist knowledge. In addition, the Chair of Astronautics at TUM, Professor Dr. Ulrich Walter, supports us with his expertise in the field of system engineering and his wealth of experience in astronautics. The AIRBUS Kiwi team supports us in the construction and production of our Science Box, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful flight and experiment.