We are very grateful for our supporters! Without their help, the Space Origami mission would not be possible, thank you for believing in us.

Mettler Toledo (Silver Sponsor)

We use Mettler Toledo products in the lab everyday and are very happy to be able to call this company our partner!  Working in nanotechnology, extremely small volumes have to be handled, so the reliability of pipettes is very important to us. Sometimes half a microliter can have a huge impact on the outcome of the experiment, so we’re very happy to be working with high end pipetting products that we can trust.

Agilent (Silver Sponsor)

Thank you Agilent for supporting our mission! Prior to crystallising, the folded DNA origami structures have to be purified. We’re lucky to have a HPLC from Agilent in the lab, which helps us achieve the best possible purification of our samples, an essential step to produce defect free crystals.


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