Oct 7

Space Origami at ESRIN

Two weeks ago team Space Origami went to Frascati, near Rome! We were invited to speak at ESA’s phi week, at a side event about in-space manufacturing and foldable materials. We spoke about why DNA origami could be an interesting material for future space missions. As long term space travel or even plans of habilitation of space […]

Jul 5

Working with leading experts on DNA origami and Astronautics

In addition to the amazing support of the Airbus Kiwi team, we are very thankful to have leading experts on both  DNA origami technology and Astronautics from the Technical University of Munich working with us.  To find the right experimental approach and perform the demanded pre- and post-studies we are working at the Institute for Biomolecular Nanotechnology together […]

Jul 1

How could DNA origami be useful in future space missions?

Last week we explained why the nanomaterial DNA Origami is very interesting for space travel: Properties such as low weight, a renewable raw material and various construction possibilities with the same basic material make it a hot candidate for applications in future space missions. We want to test this material for the very first time […]

Jun 25

Why should we analyze DNA origami in space?

Our mission is to send a crystallization experiment to the International Space Station in December. The material we want to crystallize is called DNA Origami.  We have 2 goals: crystallize DNA origami for the first time study how the material DNA origami behaves in space fort he first time In the DNA Origami technology, folded DNA is […]

May 20

What medical benefits does the Space Origami Mission have?

The Space Origami Mission is determined to take the next step in smart drug design.  An important goal of DNA nanotechnology is the construction of periodic arrays in 3 dimensions: the construction of 3D DNA origami crystals. These crystals would have great potential for applications such as the use as nanoelectronic components and for the […]

May 13

Space Origami’s way to the International Space Station

We’re working hard on developing an automated crystallization experiment inside a Science Box. But what exactly happens next? How will our experiment get to the International Space Station? We are planning on sending the Space Origami Science Box, a cubical box with a volume of one litre containing our crystallization experiment, to the ISS with […]

Apr 4

News from the Lab!

In addition to looking for sponsors for our mission, we are working in the laboratory on several test series to determine the optimal conditions for DNA origami crystal growth. Since we have developed a new crystallisation approach, there is a lot to test before we are ready to send our experiment into space! On earth, […]

Mar 20

Research on the ISS

The International Space Station offers unique conditions for research in various fields such as medicine, life sciences, materials research, metereology, astronomy, earth observation and flora!  Since the beginning of scientific research on the ISS in 2000, many significant results have been achieved that are important for improving life on Earth and future missions into space.  […]

Mar 5

Why do we want to conduct our experiment in microgravity?

The human body contains more than 100,000 proteins. Each of these protein structures is different and contains important information for our health. It is therefore important to elucidate these structures. The microgravity conditions on the International Space Station enable us to grow high quality crystals that can open the door to new possibilities and discoveries […]