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Mar 20

Research on the ISS

The International Space Station offers unique conditions for research in various fields such as medicine, life sciences, materials research, metereology, astronomy, earth observation and flora!  Since the beginning of scientific research on the ISS in 2000, many significant results have been achieved that are important for improving life on Earth and future missions into space.  […]

Mar 5

Why do we want to conduct our experiment in microgravity?

The human body contains more than 100,000 proteins. Each of these protein structures is different and contains important information for our health. It is therefore important to elucidate these structures. The microgravity conditions on the International Space Station enable us to grow high quality crystals that can open the door to new possibilities and discoveries […]

Feb 16

What do we need DNA origami crystals for?

In the autumn of 2019, we want to conduct a fully automated experiment on the crystallization of DNA origami nanostructures onboard the International Space Station! But why do we want to make DNA origami crystals? One of the key goals of DNA nanotechnology is the construction of periodic arrays in 3 dimensions, the construction of 3D […]

Feb 1

What are DNA origami?

Not only paper origami artists can create impressive structures by folding – but also nature. Using the molecular construction principle of the genome, two and three-dimensional structures can be created with a technology called DNA Origami. Researchers have already developed and realized a wide variety of DNA nanostructures (Figure 1). Functional objects such as hinges, […]

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